Thursday, June 17, 2010

Greek Yogurt

I love love love it. It is so creamy and yummy. And if I am eating it and Harry sees me eating it, he hunts me down and hounds me until I feed it to him too. Yes that would be my 1 yo who gets this amazing grin on his face as soon as I stick the spoon in his mouth. He likes his yogurt but he loves my yogurt. The only problem is that mine has 0 fat and his is the full fat variety. I want him to have the biggest brains around and my yogurt won't cut it. lol

I am just saying if you haven't tried it yet, you must. Max, also, loves it. I was able to find some low fat variety. Maggie hasn't asked for any... yet.

My friend suggested using it to make dip. Ah yes that sounds like a good plan. The kids are getting good about eating their veges and dip so this would be a better way for them to eat dip then the store brand.

And yogurt with graham crackers.... just a little bit of heaven.


  1. I'm not really a yogurt person, but the dip sounds good. I have made spinach dip with yogurt instead of sour cream before.

  2. Where do you buy it? What's the name of it? Sounds good!

  3. I totally enjoyed my Greek yogurt this morning, all 18 grams of protein! I tried the plain one today and just added some lingonberry preserves to give it a little flavor (much better than the pre-mixed variety which are too sweet and sugary).