Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Swimming a HAAAA

So the kids are in swimming lessons and they looooovvveee it! As soon as we get home, they want to go straight to the back yard and jump in our pool.  It is absolutely thrilling to be able to have them be in the water and enjoy it.

I am hoping by the end of summer, they will be true swimmers. I will probably need to sign them up for more lessons but then hopefully I can take some with Harry at the same time.


  1. That's great they love swimming so much! Cooper loves going to the pool in our neighborhood too.

  2. I love the summer swimming because it wears my kids out and they go to bed without any complaints!

  3. We need to do swimming lessons this summer. J is so water-shy it's almost embarassing when we're able to get to a pool, he's the kid screaming and clinging on to my neck the whole time.