Monday, June 14, 2010

Thank You Pandora

I can not say enough of how much I love love Pandora Radio and the Glee Channel right now.  This morning instead of asking for the tv to be turned on, Maggie brought me the remote and the vudu remote so that I would turn on the music!

Okay so I started this Friday but it is really great to have the kids on board with listening to music and dancing and enjoying. I get to hear from Max how singing is one of his favorite things to do. And listening to the music just makes me want to open up the world for them. I want them to see all the great musicals whether on tv or live. shh we are going to take them to see 'The Lion King' in a few weeks. Thank you locals appreciation discount! Krismon and I haven't seen it and we can't wait to experience it with the kids. I, kind of, wish that we could watch the movie a head of time so they can know the story somewhat.  I am so excited to see what they think. We haven't done a huge amount of these type of shows but I think now with the kids getting older (and yes I know that Harry is getting the shaft at this point.) I want to get out more with them.

 And I am just itching to show the kids 'Rent'. Though I think I may have to watch it first to see if it will be okay. I just love the music and the kids are already starting to sing the music.

Okay I am getting side tracked yet again so I will end this and tell you that by the end of summer, Journey is going to be more than a favorite for my kids and Queen! lol


  1. Rent is the best broadway show I have ever seen. That being said, you'll have to use your judgement with your kids. The main plot is around AIDS.

  2. The Lion King is an awesome show. I haven't seen the strip version but I saw it when it was originally touring in Denver years ago. I've been thinking about taking J but his attention span is still on the short side for long productions.

    Did you see that they're bringing "Cats" here this summer? That's probably another good one for kids.