Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I survived today

Krismon left yesterday for a conference in San Jose. Harry got a fever yesterday which woke him up around 2am. Poor kid, we hung out for about a half hour so the medicine could start working and then I nursed him and put him back to bed. (side note, we are starting the weaning process and the thought of not having the boobies to help with middle of the night things kind of scares me even though I am looking forward to losing a few cup sizes.). The kids were up at their normal time before 6 and so was Harry, unfortunately.

We made it through the morning. Thanks mythbusters, today you saved me from problems. And thanks leftover spring rolls, you made Max's lunch. And thanks Costco trip on Saturday for supplying cheese for his lunch. And blueberries that fed him lunch and the rest of us for breakfast. The morning just went well. We set ground rules and I was mellow so I made breakfast and lunch for the kids. They got to skype with Krismon and their grandma which was nice. And then it was off to school and naptime. whew. I took Harry to his pediatrician to get checked out. No I don't usually go when the fever is barely 12 hours old but my parents are coming tomorrow and my mom is imunocompromised. If he had an infection I wanted to get him on medicine 24 hours in advance. It's probably a virus but they wrote me a script just in case.

Then Harry and I had some time to kill before getting Maggie from school. We stopped in at Starbucks. I initiated Harry into the goodness called lemon loaf. He, thoroughly, enjoyed his experience. And then we were off to school. Maggie ate lunch and decided today was a nap day. Ah.... though as much as I wanted her to sleep and sleep and sleep I tried to keep it under 2 hours. She was wanting to continue sleeping, darn girl. lol. We got Max from school and boogied home. After eating and eating and eating and eating goldfish crackers. Ah yes I think at one point they were all double fisting it. And then Max decided to head outside to draw with chalk.

We all ended up outside and then all three kids ended up wet. They enjoyed it. At some point, Max decided that he needed another dose of mythbusters. I grabbed Harry and just put him in a clothie while the other two decided they wanted to remain toga style with their towels.

Krismon, thankfully, made chicken leg adobo a few days ago.That, some rice and veges with dip and cantaloupe made for an easy dinner. Bed time went pretty well.

So we have been reading a chapter every night of Pippi Longstocking,. The kids are enjoying it.  I remember enjoying it as a child. She is definitely a larger than life character. And there are only a few pictures. It's great to get Maggie engaged in using her imagination to play out the story instead of having pictures act as a guide.

I almost feel like I should go to sleep now just in case........

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