Sunday, June 27, 2010

Shark Reef

The kids didn't have violin yesterday so after the US lost in soccer, we headed out to Mandalay Bay. It is the first time we have gone. It was pretty cool and it is not a huge facility which was good with Harry. He was in the stroller so he couldn't see everything as easily. Makes me feel like I should have put him in the beco so he could be up high. Max and Maggie enjoyed it all. Max really enjoyed listening to the wand with its explanation of each fish and area there. There is a shipwreck area where you can see below and above. The sharks were huge here and scared Max a bit. Maggie really liked it all. The touching of the stingrays was pretty cool. And this just wets my desire to get back  to the Monterey Bay Aquarium with the kids. But I would really like Harry to be even just a year older.
It was a great introduction though to sea life. And it wasn't too big and my parents enjoyed it as well. It was a win win since there was a locals discount. YAY!
Afterwards we decided to head over to town square. We hit the kids play area but I swear it was 10 degrees warmer because of the rubber surface and we didn't bring extra clothes so they couldn't play on the splash pad. So we ducked out of there quickly. We had an early dinner at the yardhouse. I really like that restaurant.  By the way, Sam Adams summer ale... good.  Harry ate plenty of bread, asparagus, some edamame, mashed potatoes.  Then we got some yogurtland frozen yogurt and he shared mine with me. It was fun afternoon. It was nice to get out despite the heat.

And even nicer to have Krismon home with us.

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