Friday, May 28, 2010

The day before the wedding and day of

So yesterday, we had a chance to meet for breakfast with Nadja, her parents, brother and two of her friends. It was fantastic for a few reasons. They had a high chair for Harry. This was a major relief because most places do not. Ahhh to be able to feed him at the table while he sat independently. Second, it was so so wonderful to see Nadja's parents. I haven't seen Holgar since before Max and I have seen Theresia since before Maggie. She and I both cried which was unexpected. But as Nadja is my German sister, she is my German mom. She is a wonderful lady. Breakfast was super enjoyable. Afterwards we walked to a department store. I love that about here. You walk everywhere or catch the subway or bike. Nadja uses a car sharing program as well.  This place doesn't necessarily rely on cars. It's fantastic.

I found a pair of shoes..... And yes there are ones that I can't get at Zappos. They are Germany and were on sale. And they are comfortable for walking and they have a heel. Does it get much better?  Well yes, yes it does.

Today Friday wedding Day.. Man I am just going to start crying again if I think about it. Early afternoon was the civil ceremony at a little restaurant close to wear the evening ceremony and reception were going to be. There was just a close few. And I felt honored to be there among everyone. The ceremony was in German and there was a lot of humor involved. And then afterwards the brides began making the rounds with hugs. As soon as Nadja hugged me, I cried and cried. It was so wonderful to see her so happy with her life and with the person in her life. Olga is wonderful woman. And then when I hugged Olga, of course, I cried again. Who knew I was such a cry baby at such wonderfully happy events. Thankfully we could let Harry roam around. He was eternally grateful and set about trying to tip over candles, grab champagne glasses and what not. He charmed the whole lot in the room with his smiles. It was wonderful. And then we came back to the apartment and he took a nap. Jules went to the Turkish market and got salads for us and more coffee.  Then she took a nap and I wandered the market.  It is amazing because not only do they sell jewelry, bread, fish, cheese, vegetables and fruit but also bags, beads, bolts of cloth (beautiful cloth) clothes, shoes, all sorts of stuffs. It was fun to wander through and find things.

The evenings festivities began around 7pm on the boat. The ceremony was so meaningful and sweet. There best friends stood up and spoke before they did. They exchanged a ring and a pocket watch. Olga is not the ring type of girl so Nadja's ring has two parts to it for her. Again I cried as they spoke their vows. I think to me, it reaffirmed my own commitment in my marriage. It made me miss Krismon more and wish he was there to see them married. Heck I wish the other two kids could have been there as well. They really loved meeting their Aunties.  It was just fantastic.

And dinner. Can I say that Harry is a monster eater? He ate at least half of what was on my plate. He has enjoyed the food here tremendously. Makes me think I need to rethink the whole breakfast plan and start doing German breakfast at least once a week or something. I think we have both been spoiled a little. 

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