Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day Recap

My children let me sleep until 7am. Then they gave me flowers that they had made themselves while I was still in bed. My lovely husband made french toast. Max started my coffee and got it on the table. They poured me a bowl of cereal because all that lovely french toast was surely not enough. lol. It was really nice. Really nice.
I decided because the weather was nice that I wanted to go hiking. We haven't hiked at this park since Max was a baby. It is just on the other side of town so it is kind of sad that it has been so long. Hopefully we can get a few more hikes in before it gets toooo hot. We were trying to go see a waterfall. Not sure if we just didn't go far enough or what. Maggie wore the wrong shoes and Harry fell asleep with his head sticking out the back pack. It was kind of a comedy of errors. Not enough food to keep them going or water and Maggie doesn't know how to cop a squat. I get to teach her that this week.... (Max thinks I say funny things sometimes.)

This is the start of the walk up towards the red rocks.

Still smiling at this point.
The kids enjoying a little rock climb
Max looking all outdoorsy and model like. 
Kids enjoying some granola bar. This was a turn around point.

The fun part of the hike came when we were walking back to the car. We passed people going up and down during the hike but one of the last groups had two dogs. One dog on a leash the other not. Yeah, a chow. I had Maggie and Juno with me. The chow came up to us and then started growling. Luckily with no Harry, I could do the Dog Whisperer thing and show that I was the one in charge. Which meant that I went into I will get you away from me and mine. The family apologized after we had walked past.  Krismon told me that the Dad yelled at the others for not having the dog on the leash.  And I was glad I was holding Juno's leash at the time. We let Juno walk for quite a bit of it off leash and saw a bunch of other dogs that way. And he was dead tired by the time we were done.
After we got back to the car, we called our friend Nick. He lives kind of in between us and where we were. We dropped off Juno at his house, grabbed him and went to a diner. It's called "Cheeburger Cheeburger". After such a good workout, I did not worry about stuffing my face. It was cheeseburger, a shared basket of fries and onion rings and a shared oreo cheesecake shake (I didn't taste the cheesecake part.) It was Harry's first time having ice cream and he really enjoyed that shake. I think he out ate everyone, grilled cheese, french fries, apple sauce. It was a good time.
After that we were all pretty toasted. Maggie, Harry and Krismon napped. Max did his thing. I went and got a pedicure. AHHH she took pity on my poor feet and rubbed them for quite a while. I could have sat there with her rubbing them all afternoon. The rest of the day was that the rest of the day. The kids did well and it was just a good day overall.

Happy Mothers Day to all you fabulous ladies out there.

PS I did take the dog for a walk later and had weird crazy drunk person we had to cross the street to get away from and then scary truck that yelled at me sounding like Howard Dean's yell from a few years ago....


  1. Sounds like quite the day - I'm glad you had such a wonderful time with Kris and the kids!

  2. I can't believe the things that Harry eats! He's only 6 days older than Kyle, but Kyle is still eating baby food and Cheerios and Biter Biscuits. It trips me out. ;)