Thursday, May 13, 2010

My walking week

My week started with the hike at Red Rocks. It ended with a bit of disappointment for the kids, Maggie especially. She really wanted to see the waterfall.  Okay so I got lost in that moment and went off and searched for the hike again.

I believe I got a run in this week, though maybe not. I took Monday off and was going to go running Tuesday. I announced that I was going and Maggie wanted to go. How could I say no? I couldn't. I grabbed a granola bar and some water and we walked over 2 miles. Yesterday, I asked if she wanted to go again. Yes, but a shorter walk was the answer. I asked again today and she wanted to go longer and have the better granola bar (go lean crunch bar vs honey and oats granola bar). We walked another 2 miles. She did pretty well. I just need to work on Juno walking better on leash and Maggie keeping up with the pace. And I got to say I don't think we walk very fast so I am not sure how to get her to go better. And she did get a blister from her shoe. Only one pair of shoes seem to work well for walking. Her pink maryjane keens. lol

We'll see what happens tomorrow or if I will get to run 3 miles.

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