Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I swear Mondays are really like my weekends because it is then that I can relax. What a weekend!

We had the usual busy Saturday morning which included getting my eyebrows done so I look like I have some. Trying to get the last minute things ready for Maggie's Birthday Party on Sunday. Max and I went to Michaels and founds some nifty journals and pens or pencils to give out. As we pulled up, we saw that his friend had come for his first ever sleepover. The kids started playing right away running all over the place. Harry was just excited by all the action.

We went the easy route for dinner and got pizza! Then we got Karate Kid! Oh my goodness both Krismon and I got sucked into with the kids. Krismon made popcorn and they enjoyed themselves. Getting them to bed and asleep was a whole other ballgame. It was crazy. They went to sleep around 9:30 after coming in and out of the room half a dozen times. And then we went to sleep a half hour later tired. Or at least I did.  Krismon started the smoking meat process during the movie and then at some point it all went in the oven to roast over night.

Maggie was up at her normal time and then woke the boys up! Ugh. They really needed some sleep. It made the day a little tougher than needed. The bounce house got delivered around 9. I took the dog for a short run but it was so hot hot hot already that I came home before doing more than that.

They would bounce, fight, play wii, bounce, fight, eat, play wii, watch some movie, bounce, fight, bounce, play a board game, fight, bounce.
Harry did not enjoy the bounce house.

I think I was thinking. Please let 4 happen soon so there are more kids for them to play with..... I don't know what I was thinking. It ended up being our biggest party yet. We had playgroup kids, school kids, our friends, and co workers of Krismon's and their kids. It was a huge affair with kids all over the place. It was a bit overwhelming but shhh don't tell anyone. We had one pregnant friend who kept saying she was fine because we seemed so fine. lol I kept wanting to say appearances can be deceiving. I was glad to have enough food. And Maggie's cake was fabulous.
Maggie all of a sudden got shy when they sang to her so she curled into me. It was a sweet moment for me.

A cool birdhouse that she gets to paint.
Pretty much everyone was gone by 6:30 except for our oldest and closest of friends (and the ones who don't have kids or their kids didn't need to go to bed.) The older kids (meaning the single guys) played with the kids in the bounce house until the bounce house guys came at 7. Then Maggie opened her presents.  Harry went to bed late, the older two went around 8. They were fighting it and super duper exhausted. It was an excellent day and generally speaking the party went well and wasn't too hard to clean up after.
A Tinker Bell doll. Oh yes she was happy!

Harry and Maggie fighting over her princess and the frog tea set. lol


  1. LOVE that cake!! Sounds like a fun party!

  2. The cake is awesome! Happy Birthday Maggie!!

  3. Who made the cake - it was beautiful! I'm glad the kids had so much fun! Wish we could have been there.

  4. Wow! What a fun party! I like the last photo - he won't always fight her over the tea party set!