Friday, May 14, 2010


Today was good. I mean we did a small walk with out playgroup that was different and interesting. Then we sat and chatted while the kids ran all around. It was fun to see the kids play and play and play and at one time these were the little kids. And now they are bigger kids. And they were interacting and giggling and lifting rocks to look underneath. And the babies giggled and smiled and we had a good time.

I wanted to run errands afterwards but that was not to be. Harry started getting down right grouchy in the car on the way home so I chose the path of least resistance knowing he wanted some milk and regular food. Thankfully both kids napped. Then we had to hurry to get Max from school.

Max gave me a moment today that reminded me of childhood. I was watching Oprah and he came in and watched with me. This reminded me of when I used to watch Phil Donahue with my mom as I was growing up. I still have fond memories of Phil in the pregnant lady suit with things shoved in odd places so he would get the effect of having a foot or elbow or something pushing into your bladder and what not. Good times!

Dinner was nice. Krismon brought home lobster tails a few days ago, that were frozen and prepared them with some garlic and butter for everyone. We did a little primavera to some fresh veggies and away we went. I enjoyed it, Max enjoyed it, Krismon enjoyed it. Maggie... not so much. Ah well 3 out of 4 ain't bad.

The kids got to go outside and ride their bikes around for a while. They enjoyed themselves and saw some other kids in a house that backs onto our neighborhood. Of course, there were the usual assortment of feral cats and then 2 rabbits (pet ones) that have freedom to roam our neighborhood now as well.  I keep thinking that I would love to catch one of the rabbits as a pet. They are pretty. But I think Juno would terrorize the rabbit.

And that's all she wrote.

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