Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Traveling with a baby= not easy

I was going to write hard but I don't think that is completely true. Harry is a good kid especially when he gets a morning nap and an afternoon nap. Unfortunately, he has been taking his afternoon naps on the go and they have been more catnaps than good naps. (umm if my grammar is bad, I am making my way through a glass of wine) Harry has been a good traveler. He is getting better about staying in the stroller but just like any other kid once he hits the wall it is pretty well hit and there will only be brief periods of respite. He is not a fan of museums. But keep him walking then he is happy. Give him some people to amuse him and that helps from time to time. But does he want to nurse? nope too much to see and do. It gets in the way for him. Even here where seeing a boob is not out of the ordinary. There were no gasps when I went to feed him. In fact, I don't think anyone was surprised or even trying to catch a glimpse. It is such a non issue.  I digress, again it is the wine.

Today I had high hopes of finding clothes that I could buy and bring home. That just didn't really happen. I found one dress that I really liked that I hope can be worn at home. The weather here is so vastly different. They don't have the sweat filled days that I get to look forward to. People here are just barely starting to pulling out shorts paired with a jacket. It's beautiful and I am envious. But what I want are a pair of Nadja's pants that I had to borrow the first day here because our luggage had not arrived. Did I already write about that. Our luggage did not make it until the next day..... But I got a good job in at Heathrow.  Her pants were fantastic and I wanted to find a pair. I got close but they were just not right. darn. I found a dress. I like it and once I am not nursing or if I want to wear it for date it it is pretty cool. And outside my norm. Maggie will like it, it's purple. I am kind of hoping to convince Nadja to let me buy hers. I told her so she is considering it.

Poor Harry. We did not get home early enough and he is way over tired and refusing to go to sleep. I have a feeling I will be in bed very soon. Just so that he hopefully settles down. I tried being in there and just looking at a magazine but it's getting dark. And leaving just upset him more. argh....

Oh and yesterday we did over 4 miles just for the afternoon walk.


  1. Super duper kudos to you for traveling overseas with a baby. I have not done that, although we have flown domestically, and even that is not always easy.

  2. the weather here is still crazy and not hot. Im enjoying reading about your travels :) Hope Harry continues to go with the flow and not have too many meltdowns for you. And good luck shopping. Hope you find lots of cool things. Looking forward to seeing you when you get back.