Wednesday, May 26, 2010

So no photos this week

The photos will have to wait until I get home since I seem to have forgotten any way to upload them to my computer. I can only describe what goes on.

I wish I could say we are on the go from morning to night but with a baby that isn't really feasible or fair.

Luckily enough today. Right outside our door was a Turkish market that will be back on Friday as well! Yay. They had lots of fruit and vege stands and some other fast food stands as well as cheese stands and even a meat stand. They sell cloth by the meter. And then they had some cool jewelry and other items that I picked up for various family members. I am hoping that I find more cool things to bring back as well as clothes. Did I tell you about accidentally not packing enough clothes? It's true, darn so now I need to get some more.....

We, also, decided to explore more yesterday and Harry was good enough to fall asleep. Unfortunately, once we made our decision to visit the Jewish museum.... dun dun dun he woke up. Needless to say,  I ended up hurrying my best friend, Julie, through there. Having taken a class about Jews in Germany and actually learning more about Jews throughout Europe a lot was unsurprising but interesting. There was a lot of info and some interactive areas. The whole building itself is interesting and unsettling. The architecture is cool. The unsettling part is that there are angles. There is a room that is a void. I did not take Harry in there because I heard an older couple say that they did not like the feeling of being in there. No need to scare a baby. I could appreciate what the museum was trying to help patrons to understand just by the feeling of being there regardless of the information given.

We are hoping to go back and see the rest and the special expo that is all about comic books and their heroes. Olga, one of the brides, wants to go so here is hoping she can squeeze some time in for it.

Today.. since I didn't get this posted on Tuesday. The plan is go shopping. I think we are hoping to see some of the touristy things as well today. I feel a lot of walking in our future. Oh and I think I better calculate how much walking we did do yesterday at least on our main jaunt since I didn't wear my nikes.

And this evening, Nadja's, my German sister and the other bride's, parents are getting in. I can not wait to see Theresia and Holgar. They haven't met Harry yet. Actually I don't believe Holgar has gotten to meet any of the kids. And Theresia has only met Max. They are a wonderful people so I am so excited. It has been at least 4 years if not longer since I saw them.

That is today's preview, we will see what comes to pass.

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