Saturday, October 17, 2009

Crap, crap, crap part deux

"You made me sick, you gave me germies" Yes that was me, head held low in shame that my Maggie is sick. She yelled for Krismon Wednesday night, I was on the verge of sleep. He brought her down, temp taken 103+. That is when she made her heartbreaking accusation and what could I say other than sorry. We gave her tylenol, thanked my mom in our head that she got a mattress topper that we could put on the floor in our room to make a bed for Maggie. She laid down next to Krismon. She said she was hungry so Krismon made her warm milk.... That came back up with her dinner. He gave her motrin a few hours later. She did not sleep well that night and neither did I. I ended up worrying about Harry, only to feed him around 4 and finding him as cool as a cucumber. Maggie woke up again with 103 fever around 5:30am. She threw up again so since then we kept her on a limited diet of cheerios, toast, homemade chicken noodle soup, and korean kalbi soup. It had been over 24 hours yesterday and she woke up from her nap with her temp again at 103 so even she wanted to go to the doctors office. I called and I think we must have gotten the last appt for 6pm. Max started developing a cold yesterday. That turned into his usual bad cough that he wakes up with. It was all we could do to get him some benedryl to quiet the cough some vicks on his chest and a cough drop to soothe his throat. While this was going on, Harry for whatever reason woke up unhappy with a wet diaper and then needed to be fed and pacified to sleep. It wasn't an idyllic night's sleep, Max in our room on the mini bed. Both older kids got up at 5am, Krismon thankfully got up with them and fed them. And then they fed themselves and then I got up because Harry woke up and then I fed them some more.

I think the hardest part is that I wasn't buying into the whole swine scare until it was my kids getting sick and then all of sudden I was having worst case scenarios going through my mind. I know they can be hard to handle sometimes but I love them to pieces and to see them sick, not feeling well just hurt. We have so many choices that we need to make as parents when it comes to the care of our kids, vaccines, flu shots, not to mention diet and exercise, school, etc. How do we decide what is best? I am just thankful that Maggie woke up with a 100 degree temp instead of a 103 so we are going in the right direction. Both Max and Maggie's noses are running or sneezing and it is clear so that is nice. And we are making sure they wash hands. What more can we do outside of making sure we have lysol handy so we can spray doorknobs and places that kids tend to touch over and over again.

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  1. I think I'm going to re-read this blog the first time Joshua gets sick just so I can remember that everyone goes through it - and what to do to help him feel better! Sorry this all happened to you sis - but glad everyone is doing better.