Tuesday, October 27, 2009


We take things for granted the older we get. Snapping the fingers, whistling, those two seem to be huge for some reason. Both Max and Maggie want so much to be able to do those two things. I can't remember when I learned how to do either one. I know that my Dad was always whistling some tune or another. Probably one of my fondest memories is my Dad doing that plus it helped us to know where he was in the house :). Anyway, yesterday Max was trying to whistle something he has been trying to do for at least a year. Hell I wish I had some audio of his 'whistling' it was a crack up. And he taught Maggie his style of whistling. I digress anyways yesterday I thought I started to hear the start of his whistling and today I have confirmation that he can indeed whistle. It may not be loud or strong but the air come out of his mouth is making the right noise.
And he is oh so close to snapping his fingers.

Now that is another story with my dad. Probably my not fondest memory was of him either snapping his fingers at my sisters and I or whistling to tell us that in his mind it was time to leave some store we were in. Now that I think about it, it was a whistle and it was one he only used for this purpose and it used to bug us a lot. And when he did this time, we had finally had enough. My Mom was there and we spoke to her about how inappropriate and rude we found the whistle to be. We aren't animals that you whistle at to come inside or do your bidding. And you know the bad thing.... I find myself wanting to whistle at my own kids to come to me or do whatever I have asked them to do. And then I give my head a shake as if to say, please do not do what you hated most.

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  1. My kids want to learn to whistle too. I've been trying to teach them. Of course my husband is totally useless in this area because he's never been able to. I've even tried teaching him and that's worse than trying to teach the kids.