Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I am hungry, I can't breathe, I am hungry, I can't breathe...

Yes that is the dilemma that Harry is going through at the moment, poor kid. He has this desire to eat but then his nose is blowing snot bubbles in his attempt to breathe while a boob is stuck in his face. I bet you are getting a nice mental picture with that one...

I was able to avoid the doctor's office because Maggie's fever went away finally and hasn't been back. I don't want to take the kids in if at all possible. More worried about what they would pick up in the sick room.

So that was written yesterday. It seems that Harry is doing better. His nose is not running so much. And I have noticed that he can in fact turn from his belly to his back when he wants to. This is a new development that I noticed in his crib. I am quite excited to see this next spark of independent movement from him. I am sure soon enough he will be rolling his way around the floor trying to catch up to his sister and brother.

They are really quite good with him too. It is nice to see them love on him so much. I hope it continues and he doesn't end up falling into the category that I did where my sister's never wanted me around because I was toooooooooooo young. I don't think that will happen since the ages separating them isn't all that far apart.

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