Monday, October 12, 2009

This weekend

So Saturday was not my finest day. I am not sure what was wrong with me but I did not feel at all well so it was more of a stay in bed day. It was actually nice because I stumbled upon ET on one of the movie channels. It was great to call the kids into the room to watch it with me. Maggie came right away and Max did not come for another 20 minutes I believe. The kids couldn't even be pulled away when food was offered. I think Krismon felt pretty lonely eating lunch by himself... He very nicely brought the rest of the food in our room and let the kids picnic while watching. And then he even popped corn for us too. Talk about being a great husband and papa! Max had to practically be dragged away to go to his violin lesson. While Maggie and I finished the movie. She had lots of questions about the movie. I wish I could remember them all now. She is still too young to get all emotional like I did. Wow I can't believe that movie still gets to me after all this time and to watch it now is so different. It really holds up well. Plus I think that it really explores topics of otherness but that could be a whole other blogpost or college paper which I am sure has been written.
Sunday thankfully started with me feeling much better. I got around 10 hours of sleep. While the kids came in between 6 and 7, they let me stay in bed until 7. Harry did not get up for the day until 8. Max and I finished Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone Sunday afternoon. He cheered when Gryffindor's won the house cup. It was great to see him enjoy the story and be excited for the next book. It was torture when we first started the book but now that he is also reading a chapter book for school, 'Stuart Little' he has changed his tune. Now I just need to hunt down a copy of the movie since he gets to see that as well.
Here is to the start of the new book tonight!

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