Monday, October 26, 2009

Sunday, the longest day of the week

You know it could have been a rough hard day. I was certainly tired and a bit grumpy. I am sure there could be a debate on the use of the word 'bit'. We need to get Harry a white noise machine for his room because he seems to be bothered by the airplanes flying overhead and the fan isn't cutting it besides that will get turned down with the weather change.
So my saga begins Sunday morning dark and early around 12:50, Harry wakes up. I feed him. Krismon is off working. 3:30am, I hear Harry and come out. Krismon is home, working, Max had gotten up with a nightmare and was back in bed. I went back to bed but did not go back to sleep well. Krismon comes to tell me an hour later that Max had been down a few more times in that time and he says he is still working and I need to help. I finally go up around 4:50, hearing Harry. Max is in their bathroom reading. I open the door and this wakes Maggie up. I tell Max to go back to bed. I get Harry, Maggie comes out of the room and sits on the couch as I feed Harry. Internally, I am freaking out because I am afraid that I am going to end up with three awake kids. Maggie thankfully lets me feed Harry and get him back to bed. I go in and talk to the kids and tell them to go back to sleep. I stayed upstairs in the guest room so I could monitor the kids. The last time I went in their room was 5:30am. 6:15 Maggie comes into the room and says she is hungry. And guess who was asleep? Yep, Max. He did not wake up for another hour or so. argh. Krismon didn't finish working until 6:00 so I kept the kids as quiet as I could until around 11:30. Then he got up because Harry was fussing on the carpet while I was getting something in the kitchen. Around 12:45, Krismon gave me a two hour break. It was really awesome. I didn't exactly nap but I rested. Anyway, honestly the day went well despite the early early start. It was kind of a surprise.

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