Thursday, October 1, 2009

Breakfast in Bed Part Deux

Yes... I am hoping that this means that Max has turned some corner and is planning to go back to his sweet ways. Now I do not know what time he got up this morning but he did not come in to our room until 6:15am. Ahhh it was so nice and such a sweet thing to do. The menu you ask...

two bowls of cereal (one for each of us)
2 cups of water
1 apple in a bowl
2 little tupperwares with milk in them for our cereal
1 napkin with forks and spoons
1 tupperware with the rest of our butter pickles

Yep that is right because doesn't everyone want to eat pickles first thing in the morning! lol. It was a pretty nice thing to do and I relish those moments and hope they continue to happen.

1 comment:

  1. Was that some sort of bad pickle/relish pun? =)