Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Glad I didn't bet the doctor

So we ran into the kid's pediatrician on Saturday at REI. Harry's 4 month well check was this morning. I said I thought he was 19 lbs, He looked at him sitting in his carseat in the stroller and said nope, I think he is 18lbs. Well yes he was right.

Here are the stats....

Height 26 90%
Weight 18lbs 10oz 95%
Head Circumference 43.5 75%

And then he had his shots. Poor kid. I mean really poor kid. They just changed how shots could be done here. So now the doctors have to give the shots. When the nurses were giving shots, they were quick and efficient. They tried to get it done fast so the kids wouldn't suffer long. Well as you can imagine, it did not go like that. I am glad I gave him Tylenol before we came. He calmed down fairly quickly. I didn't strap him into his seat before we got outside because I wanted to let him have some time to settle a little. He actually went to sleep in the car on the way home. I am hoping the shots don't affect him like they did last time.

So that's my news for the day.

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