Monday, October 5, 2009

Joy and Pain

Sunshine and Pain come on come one... Joy and Pain sunshine and pain. You remember this song. It was running through my head yesterday. I thought wow this is a good title for a blogpost considering that is kind of what Motherhood is all about joy and pain.

Maggie and Max were playing outside quite a bit yesterday because the weather is finally changing here. The bonus that Krismon was smoking a turkey breast in his spanking new smoker.

Maggie kept coming into our room, she was a horse once and something else another time. The whole time she kept giggling. It was such a joyful sound to our ears. Then she decided to make a home for a beetle and asked to us to be quiet because the beetle was sleeping. It definitely helped to balance the frustrations of getting Max to do his homework.

It was also so joyful to go out and do stuff with the kids this weekend. Yes, it can be tough but I like going out and finding things that I think we will enjoying doing as a family. Because staying home and doing nothing has its place but then there is the pain involved with bored kids. And we all know what happens when you have bored kids. You end up with bad kids.

Sometimes I think of it like Caesar Milan on the dog whisperer. If you exercise your kids then they are less likely to cause trouble because they are too tired to. lol Now I wish that was true all the time.

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