Friday, January 8, 2010

The full on grin

Yes I know I should add a picture because it is such an awesome sight to see but I am going to admit to laziness pure and simple. I, at least, took photos of it in all its glory. Harry is doing the grin from ear to ear with his nose all wrinkled up and his eyes in slits. You can see his teeth ready to pop out of his gums at any moment and he is just so happy. It's a beautiful sight to behold.

Beyond that was the joy of holding him today in his carrier with him asleep. He is the last and I just want to capture some of these moments that won't happen again to keep close to me especially when he starts giving me the stinkeye like Max has started to do.

So that was yesterday and yes I didn't finish a simple post but then life tends to get in the way as it always does.

I will say that last night was a nice evening. We had a date night and saw 'Up in the Air.' I really enjoyed the movie and the statements it made. The whole cast did a great job of telling a story, a story of being alone and realizing it. It was really interesting.

Okay gots to go (watching too much mtv cribs...)

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