Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Get back to normal?

Maybe it is my befuddled state (and yes I really like that word, it just sounds so cool) but I feel like we have been fighting and fighting rsv, colds, temperatures, oh my. It is our first week back to school. My parents left yesterday, thankfully my fever was gone. Now I would like to get Harry back on to a sleep schedule that involves sleep. I keep making excuses for going up to feed him. 'We have been traveling.' 'He has been sick.' 'Sleeping in the same room as us was disruptive.' And now we have a monster. Krismon is ready to start the whole cio method. And yes I know that we probably need to do a version of this. This kid is a cross between Max and Maggie which makes it frustrating. Maggie was super easy baby. Max stubborn about sleep. Harry goes down easy for the night, well I drug him with breastmilk but don't tell... I know that soon enough I will need to abandon this method and probably have Krismon take over his bedtime so that he puts himself to sleep versus my boob putting him to sleep.

Okay so this was written sometime this morning. Right now Max is playing his violin for me. He is practicing to pass out of book 1. I am so glad that he likes violin. I hope it can be a life long passion for him. Now I better post this so it doesn't go the way of some of my other posts.....

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