Friday, January 15, 2010

Juno is at the Vets

This morning Juno threw up 5 times and just wasn't acting himself. I guess mother's intuition told me that it was more than just tummy troubles. I called his vet to see if I could get him in this morning. Thankfully they had a 10:30 opening. Krismon came home and cared for the younger two while I took Juno in. After questions and answers, the vet checked him over and felt something. She called in the surgeon to come check. Then they took Juno back for X-rays. I think he must have ate one of Harry's teething rings probably attached to something. I try hard to pick up everything off the floor when Harry isn't on the floor so that Juno won't chew his toys. Juno has a love love relationship with Harry. He loves to kiss Harry all over the face and take his toys and chew on them outside, inside, everywhere if he can. He is part lab so it isn't unexpected and I am hoping that it will get me to be even more organized and more ruthless in my purging. But now the worst has happened and he needs surgery to remove whatever is stuck in his intestine. Best case, he gets to come home today. Second best case, he comes home tomorrow. I won't know until the surgery is done and they call which it will be but I am hoping to know something before picking Max up from school. Losing Bubba just over a year ago was rough, I don't even want to think how telling him this will affect him.
Anyways I will update later when I know more.

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  1. How's Juno doing? Is he home yet? Just wondering ...