Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wednesday's Woes

Today we did Harry's 6 month well check, yeah I know he is over 7 months old but sickness and holidays got in the way.

He is our big boy, I should know since I held him and held him and held him as I waited for the doctor to come in. (My arms are tired...) He did great. He had to get 3 shots that is where the woe comes in.

At both his 2 and 4 month appointment, he was okay at the time but then after a nap all sorts of hell broke loose and my heart would break. I am hoping today doesn't follow that pattern. Max didn't have problems with his shots. Maggie was just tender but nothing more. Again I am hoping that Harry can just be his happy self.

Also, he has two more teeth poking through. Those teeth are his first top two teeth. He should be popping out the next four after that. I cannot wait to see that big toothy grin.


  1. Oh, I hate when you have to wait like that at the pediatrician. I hope the shots aren't giving him to much trouble

  2. I am dreading Jr.'s 4 month appt in a couple of weeks. J always handled his vax pretty well, just really sleepy. Jr. however after his 2 month appt was EXTREMELY distressed (i.e. screaming) for an hour after the appt, slept horribly, and was super cranky for like 2 days. I'm praying it goes better next time...hope your little guy is okay!