Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sickies in the hizouse

Yep... Max stayed home from school yesterday, Krismon came home the morning from work, Harry has been a cranky monster. We got hit, thank goodness the cleaning people came on Wednesday and cleaned the house top to bottom. Yep that's right. That was my Christmas present from the hubba hubba. And then last night I got motivated to clean the carpets in two rooms. Probably not my brightest idea since it has been raining here for days and the carpets took more than just the night to dry.
Max went back to school today since his is basically just a cold. We just need to get him over it sooner than later. He is a cougher. His body holds onto a cough like crazy. I probably just need to pull out the nebulizer to get it gone.
Krismon has just been miserable all day so I am hoping he gets a good night sleep. And of course, Maggie has been her usual hypochondriatic self. (yes I made the word up). So it has been a fun couple of days. Oh and did I mention I am in the process of trying to reorganize the house for the umpteenth time much to my husbands dismay I am sure.

Ah a fresh day. I hope it is a good one.

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