Monday, January 25, 2010

Crying it out

So Max is really our uber stubborn kid, Maggie gets stubborn about certain things or if she is in the mood. Harry has had it pretty easy so far. For whatever reason, we haven't made him really cry it out more like fuss it out. Whenever he really does cry, we or I can't seem to let him go and just cry until he soothes himself. Maybe it is because he is the last or something. But after months of Harry waking up multiple times at night, I just can't do it. The kid is huge so there is no reason for him to be nursing one, two or three times at night. I don't want my kids to think crankiness is just my natural state of mind.
Well last night I sat down with the BOOK again. "Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child" It really helped solidify my decision that we need to stop going to him and feeding him back to sleep and changing his diaper. So last night, he fussed at 9:30 and yes I was already asleep. And then at 3:35 for almost an hour. He mostly fussed but he did have a couple of crying periods. It was hard, I really wanted to go to him but more importantly I wanted him to go back to sleep on his own.

He did until 6. I went and got him and fed and he slept again until 7:30. crazy right. It was really nice. And I am not writing anymore because I don't want to jinx anything...

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