Sunday, January 24, 2010

What bug got up my a..

You know what when I was in college and had a paper to write, all of a sudden I had to clean my place and do this and that and the other. Until I could settle once again and refocus. Well when we went to CA for Xmas, I finally figured out that I want to go back to school. Well hell I have wanted to do that for some time now and tried to content myself with coaching school but really I like interacting with people in person. I looked and looked and decided I really do like the idea of coaching just not the business aspect of it. Armed with that knowledge, well heck I have known that for a while, I found the program that I want to do. I am making it official that I have applied to the graduate college at UNLV the dept of counselor education. I think some of my fear of my own business was watching my parents sometimes do well and sometimes struggle at their own businesses. It made me gunshy out of the gate. I like the security of working for someone.
So anyways I have been an organizing fool. Um not like it is all put away more like work in progress but I am trying even though it probably feels like it is all at once to Krismon. Anyways it will be a big load off when I have gone through the house and really looked at what we have vs what we need. We are working on a craigslist pile, the pile that will go to CA of baby stuff for the next person to give me a niece or nephew.... and then a donation pile and a return items to their owners pile. And then I would really like to be able to park my car in the garage again.

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  1. Sis - you will be an awesome counselor! Good luck with school!