Thursday, July 22, 2010

Another milestone

My lazy days are over. So I used to be able to let him go into the living room on his own. He likes our 'library' as Maggie calls our book case. He likes to pull out the books and look at them and if they are paper, of course, try to rip them. But now, now.... hmmm he can climb on the low couches in the room. ugh and our coffee table is marble. So maybe I should just move the table.... but where?

He was so pleased with himself when he got up on the couch and then when he went over the arm of the couch and was even more pleased. This means that I am going to have reposition pictures and move more stuff out of reach.

Secretly. I am glad for him. It's so nice to capture these moments and have this blog as my memory keeper.

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