Thursday, July 8, 2010

Grad school

So life has to move on and on and I am happy to report that my parents seem to be accepting everything a little better today. It's not like it is new so the shock wears off a little quicker even if it doesn't mean everything is truly better.

Maggie had goopy eyes yesterday but that seems to be gone today. Today, her ear hurts. I will probably take her in tomorrow if she continues to complain but here is hoping the tylenol helps soon.

Yesterday was spent proving to school that I live and have lived in Nevada at least a year.  Today I got to take the kids with me and get shots. Good times!

UNLV requires current shots of Tetnus/Diptheria and MMR. The MMR is two doses. So the kids got to be there and see my face. Maggie held my hand when I got the first shot. I don't think the doctor was really that thrilled that I brought the kids but oh well. It took just moments and then he gave us all a little chocolate. Ahhhh he became the kids favorite person.

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