Thursday, July 1, 2010

First day of Summer AND The Lion King

Yesterday both kids were out of school. I have been looking forward to and dreading this at the same time. The kids had their second set of swim lessons.  They enjoyed them. We came home, they played, they fought. They played, they fought. And so on and so forth. I tried to get them to rest for the big night.

Oh and we decided that the kids need to earn their tv time at this point. So they both practiced violin buying an hour. Ahhh a glorious hour of quiet.

We didn't tell the kids what we were doing. We had Allison come and watch Harry. We took the kids to Mandalay Bay. We got a cookie and some ice cream. We kept them guessing the whole time. It wasn't until we had walked up to the theater doors that they figured it out! It was so fantastic to keep it a secret. And thank you locals appreciation deals! Okay so one thing. If you have kids my age and my height don't get the first row in the balcony. They couldn't completely see over the low wall that wasn't quite low enough. That meant they sat in my and Krismon's lap for pretty much the entire performance. While it got a bit old and heavy holding them, it was still great to get the hugs and kisses throughout the performance. And I know it won't last. I will keep those moments in my heart. To hear those gasps because they were right next to my ear. During the break, Maggie was a chatter box to anyone and everyone within hearing. She was so happy to be surprised and wanted everyone to know. They helped dish out more smiles.

The performance itself. FAN FREAKING TASTIC! It was so much fun to see. The music was awesome, the dancing was sooooooooooo good. And I hope Maggie really took something away from it and understands that what she is doing in ballet is connected to what they did on stage.  I just can't say enough. I loved that it was the kids first musical and that we had not seen it either. Great experience.

And we all looked pretty darn dapper. I am just sorry that I didn't take pictures of us.

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