Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Hard Day

In my head, I am envisioning Signing Times where some little boy says that in the back ground and then they show signs for emotions like sad and crying. It was a tough day.  Krismon ended up having to work a lot of it, luckily from home but still hard. The kids were up at their usual 6am. Because Krismon ended up working, I slept in til 7. And yes if I had the coffee maker in my room, I would have stayed in there longer and hid out.  This was one of those seen but not heard days so most of the day was spent trying to keep the noise level down for work purposes and nap times.  It was my tough day. We didn't leave the house and I was tired of the effect that tv has on the kids so we kept it off most of the afternoon. Now that is a good thing and a bad thing. It means the kids do other things than just sit and watch. But it's important to find them things that aren't destructive. We tried games but Maggie is still learning to play and how to play nicely. I swear Max didn't truly learn how to play board games until this year. I am hoping that by the end of Summer that will be mastered so that we can keep the tv off more.

Krismon has decided to take a hand in Maggie's word learning which will help me out. That girl likes to pretend she won't know a word that she said without even looking at it barely  two pages before. OMmmmmmm Namaste. Yes that is what I need to do more of drink wine and meditate.

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