Friday, July 2, 2010

Summer rules

So with the kids all home for the Summer meaning the next month or so, I worried about the behavior I saw last summer with Max. We let Max and Maggie stay up a half or so later last Summer to disastrous effects. Maggie not so much but Max had some wild kid moments. He lashed out when we tried to get him off the computer kicking and hitting. I didn't realize until a month later that it was probably because he needed to be in bed sooner. This Summer, so far, their bedtime hasn't changed, instead we are just being a little more flexible on a day by day basis.  Also, I feel like this Summer Max needs a break from school.  He worked hard this year.

Hmm I guess I should get to the rule. If the kids want to watch tv or play on the computer, they have to do something to earn it. They are still taking violin lessons so practice time is earning time. It's easy for Max to practice and he is enjoying it now. Maggie not so much. But Max was the same way at her age. I figure once she gets a few songs under her belt she will feel better about the violin.

If not violin, then Max has books to read this Summer.  And Maggie gets to practice her letters and numbers and words.  This is all exciting for me because then it means I get to watch tv. Shhhh so it is my reward too.

And guess what? Harry can now stand up on his own without pulling up on something. AMAZING! I saw him do it this morning so I mark this day Harry Stand Up Day! Yay!

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  1. I like the idea of having them earn the screen time...