Monday, July 12, 2010

Polar Exhibit

Friday the kids and I went to the mall for an exhibit housed in an unused store.  Max was pretty independent while Maggie had lots of questions that she wanted answered. Harry just got to sit in the stroller and come along for the ride.

Maggie's hand in the Polar Bear foot print. And yes she suckered me into painting her nails.

Max's hand in the other foot print.

The two of the them together learning. Or at least I hope that is what I was capturing. :)

Max as a penguin.

Maggie as a penguin. And yes my camera just didn't want to capture the whole slide.

The kids getting weighed like a polar bear would in the wild.

Max didn't want to leave but I knew the other two were pretty well done. We braved the mall a little longer and went to Chevys for lunch. I sometimes can't believe that I am actually willing to take 3 kids to a restaurant by myself. Harry enjoyed the tableside guac. That was pretty much his lunch besides having a little of my rice and beans and a few bites of chicken. Does anyone else think it is weird that a mexican restaurant, okay, americanized mexican restaurant serves fries with the kids meals?

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