Monday, July 19, 2010

Same story different Kid

So when I weaned Maggie 3 years ago, she started getting these diaper rashes. They were pretty bad. We even used nystatin to try and get rid of them. Nothing until we determined that she had an intolerance to citrus and strawberries. And unfortunately, her little bum still isn't too happy with those fruits.

Fast forward to last week, Maggie's first recital was Wednesday. Harry fell asleep in my arms at the auditorium and that was that. No more breastfeeding since that day. Yes to some degree I am happy for the freedom and I know I explored this in another post. I guess I was hoping that we wouldn't be where we are right now. His little bum is on fire. He has woken up the past 3 or more days with a dirty diaper and just crying pitifully. And if his diaper isn't dirty, his leg will be stuck. It is tough to push the slats apart so I can get his leg out.

So that is two things I need to solve. I feel terrible that his diaper rash has gotten so bad since we stopped breastfeeding so now I have to solve that and most likely figure out what food is causing that problem.  I may just start the whole potty learning thing so we can try and ward off some of the rash. And then it will be finding something to bumper the crib so his legs won't get stuck.

Wish me luck.


  1. So far the baby has never had a stuck leg, but right now he's in that phase where every single time he wakes up at night I go in his room and find him stuck sitting up in the corner or standing up and he can't get down. It's tiring.

  2. Would yogurt help? When Allie was little, feeding her yogurt was the cure all for bum issues. They sell a screen looking bumper for cribs that is wider than regular bumpers, that is supposed to prevent entangled limbs... Never tried it but it always intrigued me. I moved my girls to big beds with a guard shortly after they turned one. I jut took their toy shelves out at night. Good luck!