Saturday, July 3, 2010

I survived 3 days

I am still somewhat scared about the next month but.... so far so good. The kids are, of course, fighting somewhat but I think Harry helps kind of alleviate certain problems. He does a good job of crawling all over them and getting them to giggle. I will need to capture it at some point.  But it is nice to hear them so happy. 

Today the kids watched The Lion King while Harry napped. Afterwards, we watched a show on the travel channel called secret something. It was a pretty cool show. The one we watched was about Cambodia. It was really cool how the guy really showed history. Max was fascinated by it. Maggie liked it but was a little bored off and on. 

There was a show on NBC two summers ago, I believe. It was a competition of families and it was a treasure hunter show. It was really cool because it taught US history during the course of the show while giving a real picture of our history through the travel. It was fun to watch and I remember feeling sad that Max wasn't old enough to be able to really watch or appreciate. It hasn't been done again, unfortunately. 

We did watch the Lisa Kudrow show that showed stars genealogy. That was pretty cool too. I really love these type of shows that bring history to life. History detectives is another show that we have enjoyed watching in the past.

I am almost weirdly and oh so nerdily looking forward to Summer Vacations where we can travel and see and experience places with them. I want to do an East Coast trip. They want to go to Germany to see their Aunts. We want to go to China. And who knows where else? 

Seeing The Lion King with them and kind of through their eyes just brings so much joy. I can still feel it several days later. 

Wanderlust and an appreciation for our World would be the best present that I feel like I could give them.

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  1. Oh can I identify - I love history shows as well as programs that show how things work or craft-type shows. I also can't wait til Joshua is old enough to travel and appreciate what he sees. I want to go with him to Korea when he's old enough and I also want to go back to Japan and to Kenya again ... there are so many places I've been that I want to show to Joshua and Steve.