Thursday, June 19, 2008

4:55am came all too early

I kind of wish I had a photo of what I looked like at that time of the day so you could witness my horror in having not one but two children come to me at that time of day but I will save you and me that indignity.

Now I am sure that you imagine that I am a pop out of bed, happy as can be to serve my children and make their lives as happy as possible at 5 am kind of woman. I hate to disillusion you but no.... This is all part of that sleep study that we have been conducting. The study is not supposed to end until 6am each day but for some reason unknown to me, my test subjects seem to like to get up before then. So need less to say, I do not do well being woken up so early in the day. I stumble to the coffee maker to make my 6 cups. Yes, it used to be 4 cups but that was back when my kids slept better.

Then they like to take the ultimate revenge for my less than stellar demeanor by falling asleep in the car so that they must be carried in for their naps. I guess at least it is good that I get that rest time today... No napfrontation! YEAH....

Krismon gets home today so we can again share the labcoat duties.

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  1. Have you tried to trick them by insisting that they wake up before 6:00 am? That's the only way to make it happen.