Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The second day

Max skipped off to kindergarten camp, leaving me with an increasingly separated anxiety ridden Maggie. We walk down to her classroom, which was Max's. She loved going to pick up her brother but the very idea that I would leave her there sends her into hysterics. I tried to stay and calm her down but no such luck. She was even able to get about 3 boys to cry as well. Hmmm does that bode well for the future if she already has them crying now?....

I went home, tra la la... Of course, I could not get right down to it and putzed around doing various things. I am happy to say that I am closer to done with my coach parenting course to add to my toolbox.

Of course, now if my kids or test subjects would follow my prescription for sleep, all would be well.....

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