Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Boxes and bins will we ever be moved in

Or... is this the life with kids. I feel like I am forever packing boxes and bins to only unpack them again so that the kids can wear clothes that fit, rotate toys, try to make room in one place only to make less room in another. I really miss the basement I had growing up. It had 3 rooms with plenty of space, oh course, there was an ongoing battle of mildew because it wasn't really finished. Man was there storage space along with the attic. Our house in Iowa had so much storeage and my parents took advantage of that to collect and store 25 years worth of stuff with very little pruning.....
Okay so maybe it is good that I have a storage issue so that I continually can have boxes for safenest or boys and girls club. I guess I am off to move some boxes.

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