Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The bunk bed

I hope my kids appreciate the effort that I have gone through so far today to build their bunk bed.... I have a blister on my hand and I am only halfway done.

Well I got most of it put together. We just need to lift it into place and add a few finishing touches and the kids can sleep in their own beds and hopefully stop driving us crazy. HAH! Like that will happen but a Mom can dream can't she.

I will post a pic soon.


  1. Good luck Heidi. I thought once we had the bunk bed the girls would sleep by themselves. But every morning they are both snuggled up together on the bottom bed. At least they aren't in our bed anymore! LOL!
    Heather Nordell

  2. AW...you are a clever Mommy thinking that you will solve the problem...LOL...I do hope it works for you and they can sleep in a little later as well.