Sunday, June 22, 2008


So a on spur of the moment, we decided to go to the circus yesterday. Good thing they were here for us to visit. My parents are visiting so we all got in the car and headed over so we could interact in the preshow.

At first, Max was like I am not going down there. After a little popcorn (Maggie's treat for peeing in the potty there), he and I headed down to walk around. One of the elephants was painting. There was no way to get close. We saw a female clown and then we looked at the jugglers. All to soon, we had to go back to our seats so we could watch the greatest show on earth. We got cotton candy that came with a hat. We all enjoyed that treat, even the grown ups felt like kids eating that!

Right before the intermission, my mom scooped Maggie up and took to the restroom. Again, to our delight, she used the potty. Potty learning is not easy so when we get some public successes, we cheer.

The second act included the tigers and elephants. Maggie was so excited by the tigers. She just kept saying tigers and signing the word as well. I think we all enjoyed the elephants and cracked up by the amt of poop they can drop in one load....

It was definitely fun for the whole family...

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