Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Momma, I want you to live forever

Sometimes kids say things that are so sweet that you remember you want to keep them around for a while at least.

Yesterday was one of those jam packed days full of discipline, parenting and learning experiences. I think what amazed me was when I put Maggie down for her nap and she refused, I got out of my own way. I would like to know how I did it so I could go to that place again where I didn't lose my temper and it was about showing Maggie that naptime was then. She doesn't tend to protest nap time so it was unusual. It took an hour but she finally settled down to sleep. It was a little heart rending to hear her say,' sorry momma' as she cried.

Max needs a nap about every 2-3 days. Yesterday was that day. He passed out while watching his favorite show, John and Kate plus 8. He went down around 6:45pm last night. He slept about 12 hours. So I am thinking today we will be able to avoid a napfrontation.

We, my mom and I, wanted to get dinner prepared and cooking around 5 pm yesterday. We made yummy sloppy joes. I made the mistake of letting Maggie know that we would watch said 'John and Kate plus 8' so the whole time we are trying to prepare dinner and let it simmer, she is whining to watch the show. I, even, turned on Diego but that wasn't good enough. lol! she just kept saying the name of the show over and over again. It is pretty funny to see how excited my 2 yo gets about that show.

Max said yesterday that Maggie wants a sister and he wants a brother. I didn't know that we were taking orders like at a restaurant. 'Give me one order of a sister and one of a brother.' I will just bake em in my belly for you two. Such a crack up. I just said that until that time, they could adopt our friends kids, Mia, Jackson and Brody. That way they even get an extra brother, or one each. lol!

Makes me wonder what is in store for today, given his earlier remark....

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  1. Well, I will now think of you every time we have a "napfrontation" in our house.