Tuesday, September 29, 2009

How do single parents do it

And not go crazy? Yesterday after I had picked Max up from school and dropped Maggie off at dance, we went home. Let me preface by saying that Max, as far as I know, did not drink one drop of liquid the entire time he was at school. I can't say for sure but I do know that he did not drink any water from his bottle.
We get home. He wants a snack, so he grabs a pop tart (I know healthy, right? At least it is organic. lol somehow my justification that it is all right). He drinks some water and complains of a headache, I am figuring it is dehydration so I suggest he drink more water. We go pick Maggie up and he is close to up chucking the goods. This is the worst part, there was teeny weeny baby in there. We didn't stay long and he didn't go near the babe but still...
We get home and he is really hurting, crying and at some point he is on his way to the bathroom when he lets loose. (Now thank goodness, Maggie has a stomach of steel). I get the floor cleaned up and she helps me wipe it afterwards. Max gets to the pot in time to unload some more. We check for fever, none. I have lay down with a cool washcloth on his head and he goes to sleep.
In the meantime, where is Harry, you ask? Yes he is on the floor complaining loudly about how he is on his belly and can't quite figure out how to get to his back. I think Juno was watching him, I know, I know. You are never supposed to leave a baby and dog alone in the room. I do think though that Juno thinks he is his because he is forever trying to bathe Harry with his tongue.
Ah yes now I remember where the edge was and how I tipped Max over. I gave him watered down gatorade. That put him over.
Next I tried to make him some chicken and rice soup, out of can people, no time plus I believe he actually needed some of the salt. While he was sleeping, Maggie and I had franks and beans with texas toast. Yes we were oh so healthy with our dinner. Maggie goes off to watch a little tv. I settle down to nurse the little man, heck I probably should have given Max some of my milk... but oh well don't want him traumatized in later life. Harry conked for a bit so I thought I would put him in the crib. This gave me enough time to get pjs for Maggie. I thought I would try taking Max to his bed. That did not work. He came back down. I tried to give him soup and crackers. Guess what the crackers were bad so it made things worse. The whole time he was not talking just crying crying crying to the point where I was about to cry because I did not know what to do to help him. And of course, by now, Harry is back downstairs because he only catnapped. Max convinces me to get him medicine for the headache. That again was the final straw. This time however I got smart and had a bowl there just in case. This time I settled him back on the couch let him know I was taking Harry up to bed. Got Harry settled. Max was passed out by this time. I took Maggie up and read to her and got her settled. I just left Max until 9pm on the couch and then carried him up. It was rough getting pulled in 3 directions without my partner in crime who had a business dinner.
So to all you single parents my hats off because it was tough trying to care for the needs of all of the kids.

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