Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Tyng shoes and Lotus of Siam

What do these two things have to do with each other... Nothing.

You know there are milestones that you notice but you could shoot yourself for not remembering the exact date that they did this or that. Honestly, this is one of those. Last week, Max, after having been shown how to tie his shoes, has mastered it. I am not saying that he ties them tightly but he ties them well and even double knots them. It's pretty cool. And it doesn't hurt that they are converse which he wore in a wedding this summer. :) It is one of those rights of passage events. It brings a little more independence in his life and means he is stepping further away from that young young childhood. Heck, now I am about to cry thinking about it.

Okay must move on.... Yesterday was one of those day. Everything was one off. I should have put Harry down for a nap before trying to exercise. At this point, I don't remember if I did and it didn't work or what but he ended up in the swing. By minute 22, he was sending baby daggers with his eyes. I kept saying, please I am almost done. Regardless, I got him down for his nap and he slept for an hour I would say but I think that was the start of my trouble. My parents and their friends were blowing through town on their road trip and we were going to see them and have lunch. Well, I figured I would see them before getting Maggie from school. Through no fault of theirs, they just took longer to get going and get out of their hotel and to our house. So after visiting for a bit and then heading out to get some pizza before they were on the road again, we got back home at 2pm. This is too late for Maggie to get a nap, Harry was having a bad car day. Okay at this point, can you tell my nerves were getting shot?... So I drive to pick up Max at 3pm and there is no spot to park. They changed their sign in, sign out policy. You are supposed to sign in and out with the teacher in their room. For whatever reason, this has created havoc. Honestly, I wish they would go back to the old way with binders at the front. Okay so we get home. I have to let Max know that he wasn't going to see his grandparents. And really, he took that well surprisingly. He was happy to get a piece of the pizza for snack and to know that he would get to see Allison that evening. She has been the greatest babysitter. Allison comes at 6:30. Krismon doesn't get home til almost 7. Harry was having difficulty going down for the night, Thank GOD Krismon took over getting Harry down. And then we were off....

AHHHHH Lotus of Siam... This is truly one of the best restaurants in the country. I sat there for a bit with our friends Nick and Mike and over the course of dinner felt my shoulders drop little by little. Just getting to talk and laugh was really nice. The wonderful aspect of this restaurant is that you don't need to look at the menu. In fact don't look at the menu. When they ask to take your order, you just say whatever the chef is doing special for the night. And if you have the money for it... get the lobster! They were out, actually I think there was a table that ordered the last one so that we missed out. It was sad moment, we mourned for a minute and then moved on. They brought out a wonderful Sea Bass soup as well as a beef salad and some sort of other appetizer. They were good and then some curry shrimp, yummy duck, more sea bass and another beef dish. Yummy and a nice Riesling to cut the heat. When we left, I noticed how much better I felt for the time away from the house and kids. It was nice to get away so necessary for me yesterday.

So if you don't live here but plan to visit anytime in the near future and you like Thai food... you need to go there but be warned that you must must must make a reservation. And the best part of the adventure, it is in a semi sketchy area so you will be thinking huh how could it be here and then once you eat the food, you won't care.

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