Saturday, September 19, 2009

My newest plan

So the kids are still not waking up at 6am. Are you wondering if that means they are waking up later? Nope, I would really love for them to actually stay asleep until that time. Maggie was really a good sleeper until we put her in the room with Max. We were hoping that she would rub off on him. Nope, it backfired and made her a worse sleeper.

We have an alarm set in their room for 6. All the books say that it should work, hmm what do books know... They don't know my kids.

So now that Max knows how to write and Maggie is learning to write I figured might as well reinforce their learning...

Max is copying sentences 5 times while Maggie has to write the number 6 over and over again.

I will not wake my parents up until the 6am alarm unless I am sick.
I will not wake up my sister.
I will not wake up my brother.
I will go back to sleep until 6am.
My sleep is important.
My brother's sleep is important.
My sister's sleep is important.
My parent's sleep is important.

You get the drift. Each day that it happens, I am adding a new sentence. And until he does this no breakfast. I know mean mom, right? I am hoping that at some point, he will begin to understand that he is the one choosing to have these things happen. It's really sad because his lack of sleep directly affects his behavior towards us and his sister. And my lack of sleep doesn't help me to behave as well as I should either.

It looks like we might have to put them in separate rooms as well. I will say that the separate bedtimes has made a huge difference. Plus I am enjoying reading Harry Potter to Max. I really want him to use his imagination to create pictures in his head of what Hogwarts looks like etc. Once we finish the first book, I think we will watch the movie together.

I know this has been a bit disjointed but ah well.

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