Saturday, September 26, 2009

Just when you think

Ahhh they go and switch things up. Harry made great strides by learning to turn over to one side from his back to his front. Now, all of a sudden, he wanting to turn over from his back to his front from the other side. He is so frustrated that he ends up crying out as if in pain. I believe it is more mental anguish than anything. But I have this theory that because of these changes that he is trying to make that he is having more difficulty sleeping or he is starting to his new sleep stages and I am just clueless at the moment. Either way, he went from.... sleeping through the night for a few weeks to suddenly up twice a night and the second time he wants to stay up. Now this is just the second day but it does scare me a bit that he isn't going back to sleep like he did before this if he did indeed get up at night to nurse. ARGH 4-5 is not a proper wake up time. But at least I can understand a baby having a difficult time registering that.

Now Max on the other hand, he has been hard hard hard hard to deal with on this issue. Yes, I know that 5 is still a child and a young child at that. But he can read a clock, he knows what the sound of an alarm is but chooses instead to ignore all of that and bother everyone in the family. I am at a huge loss as to what to do to impress on him that it isn't respectful to wake others up nor is it very nice. Yesterday he decided that 4am was as good a time as any to get everyone up. Luckily, Maggie was willing to go back to sleep until 6am. (Side note- she is starting to realize that she doesn't want to be in trouble like Max nor does she want Max to be in trouble either). Need less to say, Max's day at school was less than stellar. He actually screamed in class, thankfully it wasn't the teacher that actually had to deal with that. It was his older classmates. AH I love Montessori where they have a couple of ages in each classroom. The older classmates spoke to Max about his actions and behaviour. And they did it a great job of it. I am big on the village besides having kids tell another kid in a nice way that their behaviour isn't okay is a more teachable moment than having an adult do the same.

But any other suggestions for getting Max to stay in his bed until 6am and not waking his sister up before then please let me know.

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  1. Is there a nice reward? We had a similar situation, and Henry was told if he stopped doing the thing he was doing, he would be allowed to have a friend stay over night. But if he didn't, his friend couldn't stay over b/c it wouldn't be fair to his friend. Good luck, and good rest!