Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Shall we try again

Yes we shall. I started this two days ago and yet it is still unpublished because I don't feel capable of writing something cohesive. Maybe that is the problem, maybe I need to give up the idea that I am going to be cohesive for a while.

Okay so here goes. Harry rolled from back to front on Wednesday 9/16/09 around 9:40am as I was doing Ab Ripper X. Yep that is right. It is the only one that I have done so far from P90X but it is a start. Harry got into the spirit of the video and did his own crunches. He was baby swearing as well as screaming to get the job done. Then there was the inevitable... 'hell, what do I do now that I just got myself here, MOM!'

Phew I think that is all I got for brain power right now.

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