Wednesday, September 30, 2009

An ode to time outs and keeping your cool

My hormones must be in a happy place the last few days for the most part because not only have time outs worked but I have mostly kept my cool. Yes, I did write mostly. I can't be expected to be level headed all the time. We are talking about my high energy children. I went back to using time outs with a timer and putting the kids where I want to put them not necessarily in one spot. I think that I am actually keeping my cool better or something. I am not sure what has changed at the moment but whatever it is, I am grateful for it. And I know the kids will be as well.
I really want to try and get back to being a nice person to all.
For whatever reason, time outs have been working. I, also, went back to the rules and really trying to keep it simple. Be kind and you hit you sit. They go along way. It seems to be working. Yes, mornings are still not that great. Max doesn't get that 5 am is not the time to wake us all up. He says he got lonely the last two mornings so that is why he woke Maggie up. Then poor Maggie starts to have a rough day. Thank goodness for naps.

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