Friday, September 18, 2009

On a roll

Wouldn't that be funny? Somehow in writing that I had this mental picture of me on a breadroll. Kind of like a Lily Tomlin rocking chair kind of breadroll. I like taking it old school. Anyone?....

Back to school night for Max and Maggie was on Wednesday. They had a speaker, a diagnostician (lord help me that I spelled that right) who helps with the curricula. I believe he was probably supposed to speak for at most 20 minutes. Nah he decided he needed to lecture us on how to raise our children for around 40 minutes. He did know that we were in a private christian Montessori school because we are concerned about the educational system here in Vegas? And that we decided that we wanted God in the classroom? To me it seems pretty clear that most of us have our kids best interests at heart. Now please don't misunderstand, the public schools are as good if you are really involved in your kids education. And actually that is my plan this year. If I am needed, I am going to volunteer in the class since they have no problem having me bring in Harry.
Also, I am a product of a great public educational system in Iowa. Krismon is a mixed bag since in the Philippines the Catholic schools are the really good schools but then he went to public schools in CA and had really great teachers. Actually I am a little jealous because he had teachers that worked for NASA and other companies in the area that volunteered to teach courses at his High School. How cool is that? But I digress. hmm like my little tangent. So this guy, lectures us for 40 minutes at least and keeps couching everything by saying that we can take his advice or leave it but that his one daughter is a professor and his only son a broadcaster and his other daughter is in college at this very moment.
Why is it that we don't have the (fill in the blank) to just get up and leave when it starts to get old? Anyways after it was done, we got to meet their teachers. I really like Max's teacher. She will challenge him but he is already enjoying class more. They are going to garden and they are looking at bugs under the microscope. I didn't meet Maggie's teacher, Krismon did. Maggie is a little timid right now because she doesn't know everyone. I know Maggie timid, shy, crazy huh? I figure before the year is out, she will be ruling the kids. lol.

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