Wednesday, November 12, 2008

ARGH I missed a day AGAIN!

Yikes what is up with me and not posting daily like I said I would. I think I need my hands smacked.

We are still fighting that daily battle or I should say that nightly battle. They seem to be going to sleep easier but they are both becoming problem night time sleepers. And Krismon has been taking pity on me and dealing with them mostly. Last night, I couldn't even say exactly what happened. Max ended up on the air mattress at some point and then around 3am, Krismon took him to the bathroom only to notice Maggie was on the mattress as well. And she had stolen his covers so he was cold. So then Krismon had to truck it upstairs to grab another pillow and blanket to cover Max in. Around 5am, Maggie woke up and had wet the mattress. I stripped her down and brought her to bed with me until around 5:30 when she started getting noisy and I needed to get up to get somewhere by around 7am. I really wish I could have let the boys sleep in longer but that was not in their cards. I left the kids in Krismon capable hands while I went to my meeting. Sure enough, later when I saw Maggie at playgroup, I could tell he had dressed her. I asked if she had been good for him and she looked at me very innocently and said yes. Now if she could just be good for us at night or rather him....
And if Max could just learn to wake up and go back to sleep until 6am. Ah the world would be a much better place.

Hmmm maybe we need to start including those tidbits in our prayers until they come true. Or is that like jinxing yourself. I just saw a movie where this little girl is told not to dream about bunnies and to keep saying it over and over and over again. Reverse psychology to get rid of the monster dreams so should we be doing the reverse instead? Something to ponder


  1. Maybe you could make them stay up all night and make them sleep during the day for a week? Ok, probably not. I wish I had a good suggestion for you, but I don't.

  2. At least (with all of our renewed sleep issues) at our house all the rooms are on the same level. I couldnt imagine having to throw going up and down the stairs into the mix. You definitely win..oh wait I mean lose..yeah I know, Im so not any help :)