Friday, November 28, 2008

A day late but here goes

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! I hope you all had a great day yesterday. We did once the kids both took naps. Boy did Max need one. If and when we would say no to a request, he would throw a fit. Argh was that painful. It took a good half hour to calm him down. And then another 10 to convince him to close his eyes that if he didn't fall asleep within 5 minutes that we would leave his room. Once he settled down, he was out in 15 seconds I believe and then slept 3 hours. He was like a new person when he awoke. I think the best part was that he truly wanted to help me make all the sides for Thanksgiving dinner. The only one that I vetoed help on was the stuffing since I was a little nervous making it. My mom usually makes it every year not I.

My sister in law, Kat, showed up around 5pm with her friend having driven 9 hours from San Francisco. The kids were happy to see the both of them and ready to eat or so we thought. Maggie ended up not eating much but Max ate, giggled, played, ate some more. We did the store bought thing for dessert and we all enjoyed the smoked turkey that Krismon made. A friend from work, Aki, came to dinner as well and Maggie made sure that he sat next to her. The kids have him wrapped around their little fingers. He is so great with them. He plays with them, lets them climb all over him and he listens to them. They kept him in their room before bed for an extra 5 to 10 minutes. I hazard a guess that he enjoys his time with them as well.

Today, Kat and her friend are off to camp in Death Valley and in their place we have some more friends coming to stay. They have a daughter 6 months younger than Max and another daughter who is 9 months old. The kids all get along. The baby takes it all in stride which is great. It looks to be a fun weekend for all of us. Krismon does have to work today, Chris offered to watch all the kids so Jehan and I could go shopping. I would hope that he could watch 4 kids since he is a captain in the army! lol Anyways he is great with kids and I know mine love to play with him.

So that is what we have in store.... Oh and it has been raining so I am glad we have some movies the kids haven't seen before.

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